Rutgers Bio Majors Info

Winter session course 2019/2020: Tropical Field Biology (biology lab and writing intensive course) taught by Drs. Ruane and Ware in Guyana, check out our video from the summer session in Baja Sur, Mexico below! Info here CLICK HERE FOR INFO!

Undergraduate advisement information 


Prior to coming for advisement or to declare your major in biology, please review and fill out the audit form linked here, this document is for your use, so don’t be afraid to write planned courses, take notes on it, etc.: BIOLOGY AUDIT .

See here for what courses count towards what: BIO COURSES

For questions regarding SPNs, registering for courses you cannot get into, or what credits “count” for transfer student, please email Dr. Susan Seipel (

I do not have access to your transcripts or have SPNs for any courses.

ADVISEMENT HOURS ( my office in Boyden 407); you do not need an appointment for hours listed below, just show up with the audit form above filled out and bring your major form for me to sign if needed from bio office. Follow these directions please (failure to do so will result in having to come back with the completed information at a later date)

Fall 2019 hours (subject to change due to meetings, travel, etc. so check back here before making a special trip to my office!):

Mondays: 11am-12pm and Wednesdays: 9.45am-11 am

No office hours Wed. 10/16