Tropical Field Biology 21:120:486

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Photos from previous field work in Guyana here!

Location: Guyana (Dublay Ranch)

Dates: Planned for the second week of January 2020 (8-15 of Jan, flying out of JFK)

Cost: Tuition plus a course fee, 1600.00. This may be updated once flights are bought (lower not higher, it is likely to be closer to $1400, this will be discussed at the info session!).

Info Session: Tentatively scheduled Oct. 23, 2.30 pm in Boyden 412 (you cannot register for the course without an spn from the instructors).

Instructors: Drs. Sara Ruane and Jessica Ware

Tropical field biology course (21:120:486) (counts as a 2 credit lab course and is a writing intensive for biology majors, but you do not have to be a bio major to take the course);

Winter Session, Dublay Ranch, Guyana

Emphasis on principles of ecology, evolution and organismal diversity. Prerequisite: Written permission of instructor and a current passport required (non-USA citizens may need an additional visa to travel to Guyana, please be advised). The course will travel to Guyana for one week in early January 2020. Course fees will cover flights and all expenses while in Guyana.

Goals include: comprehension of the value of global biodiversity; understanding field methods used by scientists for observing and documenting organisms, keeping a field notebook throughout the trip; fluency in safety and precautionary methods for fieldwork; first-hand observation of the lives and cultural values in Guyana. Assessments of learning goals will include: a pre-departure safety quiz, direct observation of demonstrated field methods, and final presentations of in-the-field student projects. The main graded component of the course is the field notebook key by each student (see example below). Course fee on top of tuition costs, but some support may be available, if interested, please email BOTH IN THE SAME EMAIL:


Check out the summer session course from 2019 in Baja Sur, Mexico! This class will be very similar.