Lab PI: Sara Ruane, see contact for my details


Graduate Students:

Justin Bernstein,

Justin’s website

link to his Researchgate profile here


Justin comes to us from the Bauer lab at Villanova, where he has worked on squamate phylogenetics using molecular data. He started his PhD work at Rutgers Fall 2017 and is hot to trot on homalopsids.

Anthony Sena


Anthony (successfully!) finished his ms summer 2019 with me and will be expanding his work on mimetic systems for snakes for his dissertation work in the Ruane Lab.

Tianqi Huang


Tianqi is an ms-turned-PhD student currently co-advised with Peter Morin at Rutgers NB. Tianqi’s work is focused on urban snake populations in the urban jungles across NJ.

Learn more about Tianqi here

Postdoctoral Researchers:

Scott Travers


For 2020! Freshly minted PhD, postdoc Scott Travers, from Rafe Brown’s lab in Kansas joined the Ruane Lab to work on some poorly studied elapids with respect to systematics and venom evolution.

link to Scott’s work 

Former lab members:

Postdoctoral Researchers:

Eric Rittmeyer, check out his website for info


Eric has conducted extensive work on PNG and Australian herps (including discovering the world’s tiniest vertebrate, a frog!) and is commencing work on co-historical demography of NJ Pine Barrens taxa.